christmas cocktail finger food parties

Disposable Cutlery
Plates, Knives & Forks 60c per head.
Bowls & Spoons 40c per head.
Real Crockery - $3.95 per guest

Extra Buffet Dishes
Sweet & Sour Pork $1.50 Per Guest
Curried Prawns $1.50 Per Guest
Curried Chicken $1.50 Per Guest
Beef Stroganoff $1.50 Per Guest.

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Christmas Party Catering offers:

  • Flexible catering to suit corporate and business events of all sizes and all varieties
  • Buffet style food
  • Spit Roasts for large events
  • Cocktail and Finger Food
  • Staff for all events - Chefs, waiters and bar staff
  • Quality, peace of mind and affordability